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Oil Nut Bay

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“Oil Nut Bay rivals anything globally and is poised to be recognized and revered for generations to come.”

Keen followed the progress at Oil Nut Bay for years before commencing our engagement with this uber-luxe resort that raises the bar for the entire Caribbean.

We followed the efforts of David Johnson as he implemented the principles of sustainability and local community support that we have encouraged with every developer discussion. 

Oil Nut Bay is located on a secluded edge of the Eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, in the BVIs. This retreat has a diverse array of homesites and prices within the confines of a spectacular resort.

Interior Facts

Oil Nut Bay is located on the Eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, near Branson’s Necker Island.


Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Over 400 acres of the northern tip of this island is being sustainably developed.


Resort Residential, Ultra-Luxury

A fully serviced resort awaits your arrival. Rent a built luxury home while waiting for yours to be completed.



There are 37 built homes or homesites available in this exclusive corner of the British Virgin Islands.

Oil Nut Bay is a world-class, beyond the typical five-star hospitality classification system

We rate the construction, infrastructure grade, amenities, the beach, and the reef as the very highest quality available. In order to shape this oasis, it has taken a decade and hundreds of millions of investment capital, and now the property is set to sell out its remaining homesites.