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International Broker Network

Written By Bryant McClain

A Starting Team

Launching resort residential projects in exotic destinations presents a sales and marketing challenge. There is no easy solution to drive an adequate traffic flow of prospective purchasers, so the Sales and Marketing teams must engage multiple vectors to create successful volumes.

One of the most important initiatives is the implementation of a network of real estate brokers that can present the offering to their qualified clients. Building quality relationships that produce real sales requires an effective identification process and consistent communications with the community, including changes to inventory, pricing, on-site and off-site broker events, etc.

Exclusive or non-exclusive agents?

In some markets, it can be advantageous to establish a single broker resource. Certain power agencies can leverage global networks to activate remote sales.

We’ve worked with most of the established global brands: Sotheby’s, Christy’s, Corcoran, Savills, Hamptons. They each have their established geographical reach that can be an advantage.

The real estate professionals that a developer’s team engages are critical to a project’s success and their perception of the project often determines its success.

If an established brand commits to driving high engagement through off-site and on-site events, personal visits to the remote site, newsletter promotion, and a significant digital presence, it can make sense to establish one agency as the exclusive agency.

Most often, however, we see a greater reach by engaging multiple non-exclusive partners.


Within the US, there are a small number of real estate agents that are trained in international real estate sales. Over the last twenty years, Keen has developed long-term relationships with top international agents throughout the Country.

The National Association of Realtors provides a certification process with individualized training and testing. CIPS are “Certified International Property Specialists” who have received the relevant training to receive this designation. Even with this training, we need to continually educate and lead the agents toward the specific details of each project.

Whether discussing the current taxation laws, making legal referrals, or providing competitive analysis, Keen keeps the agents informed so that they can feel confident in their referrals.

Local Agents

International real estate professionals provide exposure in key markets, but the local agents are the VIPs of Resort Residential projects in remote destinations. Keen projects seek to involve the top local agents with three critical initiatives.

First, we treat them as clients and invite them to experience the offering from the perspective of their most valued clients.

Second, we do the work with integrity! Our brokers work as referral agents whereby we protect their leads and handle the massive time requirements of touring, follow-up, documentation, and closing.

And finally, we provide the expert advisory services and client care necessary to make them look good.

Our broker agents enjoy working with Keen as they have limited time invested and our closing rates keep them coming back for more.

Truly A Team Game

The real estate professionals that a developer’s team engages are critical to a project’s success and their perception of the project often determines its success. Creating and maintaining these relationships can be time-consuming and laborious, but it is one of the most important sales vectors for rapid sell-outs!

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